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Scotch Brite Kitchen Scrub Cloth - 1 Unit Pack of 2

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About the Product

Scrub cloth is a single tool for scrubbing and wiping your kitchen surfaces and keep them sparkling clean. The Scotch-Brite Scrub Cloth can be used to scrub and wipe your kitchen counter . The scrubby surface removes stains without scratching the surface and makes cleaning effortless, Microfiber construction lifts and trap dust and absorbs water better than normal cloth. Scrub cloth also lasts longer than regular cleaning cloth.

How to Use

Use Scrub Cloth on kitchen counter, dining table, gas stove and other sturdy surfaces
Use scrubby surface to remove the stains on platforms.
Use the microfiber side to pick up dry dust
Wash cloth clean under running water
Hang to dry for next use

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