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Real Activ Fruit Veggie Orange Carrot Juice - 1 Lit

Delivery : Monday : 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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About the Product

Real Activ Orange Carrot juice is an exclusive nutritious blend of Carrots and Oranges, rich in antioxidant nutrients- Betacarotene and Vitamin C.

Features & Ingredients

100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice rich in natural antioxidant nutrients
Contains no added sugar & preservative
No added colour or flavour Water, Blend Of Orange And Carrot Juice Concentrates (6.04%) (Orange Juice Concentrate (4.57%) And Carrot Juice Concentrate (1.47%), Orange Juice Concentrate (4.44%), Apple Juice Concentrate, Grape Juice Concentrate And Carrot Juice Concentrate (0.75%).

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