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Pillsbury Fridge Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert Mix - 165 Gm

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About the Product

Pillsbury Chocolate Cheesecake Cake Mix is a delicious way to prepare rich and fluffy desserts. Delectable and tasty, it offers a delightful taste in every bite and leaves one asking for more.


Prepares delectable and soft cheesecake
Irresistibly delicious Cheesecake Mix (65 gm) - Sugar, Fat Powder (Glucose Syrup, Refined Hardened Palm Kernel Oil, Emulsifiers (INS 471, INS 472a), Milk Protein, Stabilizer (INS 340(ii)), Milk Solids, Choco Chips (11%) (Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dextrose, Emulsifiers (INS 492, INS 322), Natural Flavouring Substances (Chocolate), Modified Starch (INS 1442), Emulsifier and Stabilizers (INS 450(iii), INS 407, INS 339(ii), INS 415), Cocoa Solids (1.2%), Cheese Powder (1%), Artificial Flavouring Substances (Chocolate), Nature Identical Flavouring Substances (Cream Cheese), Biscuit Crumb (50 gm) - Wheat Flour, Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents (INS 503(ii), Baking Powder), Salt, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers (INS 471, INS 481(ii)), Dough Conditioner (INS 223), Artificial Flavouring Substance (Vanilla), Chocolate Flavoured Topping (Synthetic Syrup) (50 gm) - Sugar, Water, Cocoa Solids (3%), Milk Solids, Modified Starch (INS 1442), Acidulant (INS 270, INS 296), Preservative (INS 202), Nature Identical Flavouring Substances (Chocolate)

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