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Parle Monaco Cheeslings Classic Biscuit - 300 Gm

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About the Product

Parle Monaco Cheeselings Classic are light, crispy biscuits with a rich flavour of cheese. These tiny square shaped wafers sprinkled with salt are perfect to twist your ordinary boring moments. The pleasing taste of cheese and salt make these munchies favourite of all.

Features & Ingredients

Light and crispy wafers
Flavour of cheese
Contains protein Wheat flour, Edible vegetable oil, Sugar, Salt (2.8%), Cheese (1.8%), Yeast, Raising agent [503(ii), Baking soda], Invert sugar syrup, Spices & condiments, Acidity regulator [Lactic acid, Malic acid], Emulsifies [DI-Acetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides of edible vegetable oils], Dough conditioner [223], Improver [Amylases & other enzymes (Papain-1101(ii))]

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