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Musk Mealon - Kharbooja, Approx 2 -2.5 Kg - 1 Pcs

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About the product

Muskmelon acquires its name from the musky fragrance it emits when ripe. It is a round fruit with a thin reticulated cream colored skin. Its flesh is light orange and packed with small seeds. It is an outstanding source of vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories.

Benefits, How to Use & Product Representation

The muskmelon is an excellent fruit for losing weight. It acts as a coolant and combats the heat in the body and prevents heat-related disorders during summer. It has a good amount of folic acid, which is important for pregnant women to prevent neural defects in the foetus. It is also good for the skin and is a laxative & anti-depressant.

It can be eaten as a fresh fruit, as a salad or as a dessert with ice cream or custard. Chopped muskmelon is mixed with sugar & cardamom (elaichi) powder and eaten.

Product image shown is for representation purpose only, actual product may vary based on season, produce & availability.

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